SimpleFX Improves Decision Making: Introducing the Trade Calculator

SimpleFX is dedicated to improving the overall trading experience for forex and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The platform brings yet another comprehensive tool on the table – the Trade Calculator. Adding the solution to its BETA webtrader desktop trading platform, the company expands its comprehensive suite of investment tools.

Introducing the Trade Calculator

Trading, regardless of whether it is forex or cryptocurrencies, requires precise, well-informed, and timely decisions. However, existing solutions are oftentimes slow or just not as easy to use as they should be. This poses a serious challenge that SimpleFX is set to tackle.

The forex and cryptocurrency broker introduces the Trade Calculator to its suit of tools on the BETA webtrader desktop platform. The solution will help traders make quicker and more effective decisions.

The tool is very easy to use, catering to both advanced veterans and beginners – all the user has to do is choose the symbol as well as the order size that he wants to trade. Once this is done, the user will be presented with completed calculations based on the input values. Everything is transparent and easy to use.



As evident from the picture, you will be able to choose the direction of the trade as well as the open and close prices. After that, the calculator will provide you with exact profit/loss values and percentages. This helps to enhance the decision-making process as well as to optimize the risk factor when trading.

Several Key Advantages

Using the calculator unveils a few particularly important benefits which are capable of substantially improving your overall trading experience.

Right off the bat, it improves the planning process. The calculator will factor in the fees so that you are left with the exact raw value of the expected profit or loss. This reduces ambiguity and improves the accuracy of your planning.

Second, it makes the entire process particularly comprehensive. You will be able to simulate trades with various leverages in order to come up with the optimal strategy. You wouldn’t have to waste any time on calculations because the tool will handle it for you. This means that you no longer have to worry about the point value or the required margin for a trade.

It’s also incredibly sleek in terms of design. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also convenient – you wouldn’t have to switch between the old and the new webtrader. With the new Trade Calculator, you can do everything on one innovative platform.

The calculator is also one of the best beginner’s tools. Making your first foray into the global financial markets has never been easier. You can start trading with a demonstration account – you don’t have to make any deposits and it’s free for every user of the SimpleFX platform.

The Trade Calculator also does a great job of informing traders on the conditions of each trade – there’s no need to waste time figuring them out. The platform conveniently offers three demo accounts for each currency account the user holds. What is more, the user can also refill his account balance to its origin value of $4000 USD or its equivalent.

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