Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver talks about hard fork, block size

In a video released today, November 9, Roger Ver, a major proponent of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and the CEO of spoke about the latest event in the BCH community, i.e., the chain split. Ver mentioned the CTO of and revealed his thoughts on the matter.

According to the CTO, the block size debate went nowhere as nobody in the community was taking a stance on the subject, with regard to those who control the hash rate, such as miners.

Ver also described the situation of the ecosystem and discussed miners siding with the big block size. He stated:

“Even when the big blockers wound up having basically the majority of the hash rate – they had more than 50% at one point – they were still scared to set a flag date… Like, okay here’s the date we’re gonna mine the bigger block. And because they were all scared to actually take action we wound up where we are.”

However, Ver also indirectly mentioned Craig Wright, displaying one of his tweets in the video, in which Wright wrote:

“The interesting thing is that under the existing law any exchange taking a DSV tainted coin; any miner verifying a tainted coin and any developer on such system is facilitating crime. You can say permissionless all you like, but you don’t have permission to violate the criminal law.”

At present, the friction among the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] community can be observed due to the ongoing chain split. While one side of the conflict holds nChain’s Craig Wright and businessman Calvin Ayre as the participants, the other side comprises of Roger Ver and Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu.

Both the sub-communities have chosen a different path for the ecosystem. Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto wants to go with the nChain implementation whereas Bitmain developers are already working towards the Wormhole protocol and have issued the WHC [Wormhole Cash] tokens for the hard fork.

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