Nabs Commonwealth Bank CFO Rob Jesudason to Be Prez, COO, the brains behind EOS, have made one of the cryptoverse’s biggest hires yet. He’s Rob Jesudason, who’s most recently served as the Chief Financial Officer of Commonwealth Bank, one of the largest banks in the world. 

Jesudason: ‘Laying the Groundwork for Mass Adoption’

On May 14th, EOSIO and EOS creators announced Rob Jesudason, a soon-to-be former Chief Financial Officer of Commonwealth Bank (CBA), as their imminent Chief Operating Officer and Group President.

Commonwealth Bank is “a global top-12 bank by market capitalization at AUD $125 billion,” as highlighted in their announcement release, and Jesudason’s served capably for the powerhouse bank in his capacity there as CFO and Group Executive.

As such, it’s the definition of a high-profile hire in the cryptoverse. CEO Brendan Blumer was unsurprisingly bullish in his comments on the hire:

“Rob has a proven track record of success in global financial services, where he has been involved in industry innovation and facilitated regulatory advancement enabling the adoption of new technologies. His alignment with our organizational priorities of creating compliant, high performance blockchain solutions, is an ideal fit for, and is an exciting conclusion to our thorough search for the right individual.”

Jesudason himself was optimistic about his dive into’s crypto-centric operations, contending the company was leading the way to the mainstream.

“’s technological innovation enables fast, low-cost, and scalable blockchain performance and is laying the groundwork for mass adoption of these new technologies,” he said.

Necessarily Locking Down Elite Talent

After the Brock Pierce kerfuffle earlier this year,’s showing they’re not messing around with their poaching of Jesudason from the world’s financial mainstream.

As Galaxy Digital maestro Mike Novogratz put it, “The Herd keeps coming”:

It’s the kind of moves that will need to keep making if they crypto play intends to keep emboldening their projects’ capabilities and market positions.

What’s your take? Do you think more mainstream migrations like this are inevitable in the cryptocurrency space? Sound off in the comments below. 

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