What is Cryptopanic and how Cryptopanic News aggregator works?

Cryptopanic is a News aggregator platform that helps users and traders understand price movements for the cryptocurrencies they hold or are trading. It is common knowledge that prices change every day for cryptocurrencies and it could take time to understand why they are falling or rising. Indeed, it would take you to for instance carry out research by scrolling through many crypto news sites and/or social media.

Besides news, you also receive an update on prices for major cryptocurrencies. This shows on the right border of the page. This feature allows you to track news for each of the cryptocurrencies. Thus you can use CryptoPanic to avoid the panic in the general crypto market but also in individual crypto markets and community.

It comes in hardy because news affects cryptocurrency markets as a whole or as individual cryptocurrencies.

How Cryptopanic works?

Their website interface divides the screen into two parts. A feed of news from different sources appears on the left side. On the right side, there are details about the news that a user clicks on from the left.

It also allows a user to log in and vote if the information in any news feed is positive, negative or important to the markets. This means its users give feedback about the impact of the news feed on the website. Those feeds that score positive votes from most users show as green while those that users deem to have a negative impact will show as red. White is for neutral-impact news.

News items that flag as important indicators that the information inside there is mandatory for users in crypto industry.

At the right border of the page is a listing for prices of the top cryptos and you can click on each of them to reveal the news relating to that specific crypto chosen.

On the left side of the website are five buttons from where you can sign up, log in, “go pro,” access news or access your portfolio.

Clicking on portfolio allows you to monitor your portfolio and have a quick access to it from the currency bar. You are also able to add the portfolio data manually or import it automatically from the exchanges.

It is also possible to sort news items as “All News,” “Trending,” or Positive and Negative. A user can also cycle through the news items by pressing on the J or K keys. A basic write-up about the topic accompanies each of the news item and there is a link to the original source of the news.

Cryptopanic features

You can also select the cryptocurrencies for which you want to be receiving news and articles. They are sent to your favorite messaging application. The platform currently supports Telegram, Discord, and Slack.

It is possible to become a CryptoPanic Pro using the premium features of the app. In this case, you have access to RSS/Atom, Reddit, and Twitter sources. You can also disable or enable any existing default news source. On a premium feature sign up, you have the chance to benefit from future pro features. A premium account with CryptoPanic costs only $9 per month or $99 per year.


CryptoPanic includes a bunch of unique features that make a good option for many serious crypto traders. Although it’s one of the oldest crypto news aggregators in the industry, it has never stopped updating. What’s most attractive is the platform doesn’t limit any basic features. Thus, it doesn’t force users to get the PRO version.

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