Eurocoinpay (ECT) – ICO rating and details

Eurocoinpay, from a usable point of view, is a payment application that allows the user (client and business) to pay and receive payments in many different desired cryptocurrency.

The Eurocoinpay ecosystem has been conceived to offer an integral service for the user of the cryptographic world. Our main advantage over alternative technologies on the market lies in Eurocoinpay’s unique concept integrating payment gateway and exchange, that brings cryptocurrency to a day-to-day use, and that thanks to the unique fusion of Blockchain and IOTA technologies avoids third-party mediation and mining costs, allowing us to offer a 200-300% cheaper service in which transactions are carried out in real time.

About Eurocoinpay


The purpose of Eurocoinpay is to serve, for the first time in our society, a technological tool that allows us, with total freedom, to decide with what currency to pay with the products and services that are contracted.


It is a revolutionary method of payment, we are the simplest way to make payments, online or physical transactions in real time, without waiting for confirmation.

Our Smart Contracts supports Blockchain ERC20  technology from Ethereum with IOTA that does not support  BlockChain, this allows us to make transactions at zero cost for the Platform.

For the first time this is possible and customers pay P2P without third parties and this allows us very competitive intermediation transactions for businesses, stores/shops  and customers. We accept all types of FIAT currency or Cryptocurrencies. In short, we make easy what for many is the most complicated.

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