TRON (TRX) Now Has 2 Million Users – What's Next for Justin Sun and Team?

One of the most talked about cryptocurrencies that has continuously been present during the long and brutal bear market with updates and developments is Tron (TRX), the 10th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

While other cryptocurrencies have seemingly dropped off the map in terms of developments and improvements, Tron (TRX) has been holding strong, maintaining their position among the top 10 coins and increasing their dapp development activity significantly.

TRON (TRX) Now Has 2 Million Users

Apart from an increase in dapp activity on the Tron blockchain, the number of user accounts has also increased exponentially. The hyped cryptocurrency project now has 2 million mainnet accounts, which took only 249 days from the launch of Tron’s mainnet.

Highlighting this achievement was Justin Sun, the founder of Tron (TRX) who pointed out that it took just 181 days to reach their first 1 million users and only 68 days to reach another 1 million, which is 3 times faster than the first 1 million user achievement.

Sun shared his excitement of this major milestone over Twitter, where he asked his large following of over 915,000 followers how long it will take Tron to reach 3 million users.

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) March 5, 2019

What’s Next for Tron (TRX)?

Last week, Tron underwent a major hard fork, leading to the launch of the Odyssey v3.5 upgrade, which added a number of sophisticated performance features to Tron’s blockchain.

Following the hard fork, the Odyssey upgrade will develop the OCN Chain and support cross-chain interoperability, which will increase business transactions and dapp developments in the ecosystem. Therefore, we can expect to see further dapp developments and interoperability between Odyssey (OCN) and Tron (TRX).

Apart from Tron’s collaborations with Odyssey, Sun’s BitTorrent Token (BTT) will undergo its second airdrop to TRX holders on March 11. The airdrop will reward TRX holders with 990,000,000 BTT at a ratio of approximately 1 TRX = 0.01 BTT.

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