Azerbaijan Wants to Adopt Blockchain on Ministry of Justice Databases

Azerbaijan is joining the list of governments adopting distributed ledger technology to promote efficiencies. Osman Gunduz, Chair of the Azerbaijani Internet Forum (AMF), announced the country will start using blockchain on the information systems and registries of the Ministry of Justice. Azerbaijan Government Eyes Blockchain Application on Notaries, Courts, Penitentiaries, NGOs, Registries The Azerbaijani Internet Forum is…

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Judge rebukes DOJ in AT&T-Time Warner ruling, analyst says

Federal Judge Richard Leon did not impose conditions on the deal. But, in a surprising move, he did advise the Department of Justice not to contest the decision. The DOJ released a statement saying it was “disappointed” with the decision. The ruling suggests future large-company mergers might be a possibility. In his ruling approving AT&T’s…

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Wendy McElroy: Are You Part of the Revolution or Part of the War?

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 3: Decentralization Chapter 7, Part 3. Are You Part of the Revolution or Part of the War? by Wendy McElroy What do We mean by the [American] Revolution? The War? That was no part of the Revolution. It was only an Effect and Consequence of it….

Read more » Seized by US Justice Department, Cryptocurrency Connection Remains Unclear

Most people are aware that has been seized by the US Justice Department. This development has caused quite a stir, although a lot of unsavory evidence has surfaced in the past few days. It seems the owners of this platform have engaged in money laundering involving cryptocurrency. It’s not a positive development for this nascent…

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