Waves Client Release Marred By Security Issues

Waves’ exit from beta was marred by a security breach and one-sided Twitter fight with MyCrypto.

  • Waves, an all-encompassing blockchain suite designed to promote mass adoption, probably wanted to spend yesterday talking about the release of its official wallet software, the Waves client. According to an announcement, after a series of 53 beta releases, Waves was now “ready to offer its outstanding functionality and security to the world.” Then shortly after noon, this announcement appeared on its Discord channel:


    According to a tweet from wallet provider MyCrypto, the same announcement was released on Twitter, but was quickly deleted. Jordan Spence from MyCrypto began tweeting to Waves, asking for an explanation.

    He later announced on Twitter that Waves had banned him from its Telegram channel because he had been attempting to warn users of the security breach. Despite the pestering from Spence and MyCrypto, Waves remained silent on the situation for three hours, at which time a Waves representative posted this on Discord:

    Fifteen minutes later, the same representative released a more thorough report about the incident on the Waves Discord channel (though there are still no announcements regarding the breach on Waves’ Twitter page):

    With the turbulence from this breach now receding, with luck, Waves will no longer be disturbed by unwanted phishing.

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