AI-Driven Blockchain Platform Eligma Wants to Change the Online Shopping Experience

E-commerce has changed the way people treat shopping. You can buy everything you want just surfing the Net instead of driving all along the city looking for the desired item and spending time in queues. The whole sphere of consumption has radically changed – but the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain may open up new levels of shopping.

Eligma is an AI-driven blockchain platform which works as a personal commerce agent: it can find the best deal on the product you need in mere seconds. The platform can also be used as a personalized manager of inventory and a unified shopping account.

“The value of Eligma is in its ability to give people the one thing they can never buy – time. It keeps track of our purchases and gives us a better overview of what we possess. It calculates the value of what we own and predicts when it`s the best time for us to sell. That is how Eligma is turning every household into a business,” explains CEO and founder, Dejan Roljič.

Today everyone seems obsessed with the idea of making the most of one’s life: the popularity of motivational books and life-style coaches is incredibly high. Meanwhile, Eligma offers a simple and effective solution for making the most of everyday shopping – and get more time for the important things.

Discovering the product

Even though online shopping makes it easier to find the needed item, it still requires lots of time. The process becomes even slower if you are looking for the best deal on the market. Eligma offers users a chat bot that can do all of these things just in seconds. The AI-based technology uses a unique algorithm to find a product to satisfy all the user’s requirements.

Optimized shopping experience

The e-commerce goes through a period of significant boost. Online giants constantly expand the range of available products. However, the best deal usually includes ordering goods from different shops. Eligma allows users to avoid creating various accounts and managing dozens of orders – the platform works as a unified shopping account. The blockchain-based project has one more attraction: it makes possible payments in cryptocurrency even for those platforms which are not working with crypto at the moment.

Managing the inventory

Lots of products people buy keep needed for a limited amount of time. Usually such things end up in the darkest corner of the house. Eligma allows you to make the most of each purchase. The system will estimate the future price of your purchase and suggest the best moment for getting rid of the staff.

Rewarding for shopping

The loyalty programs always attract lots of people. Shops are actively using them to make more regular customers. Eligma changes the rules of the game: you get rewarded for shopping no matter what merchant you prefer. The system creates a universal loyalty program which allows getting rewarded for using the platform’s ELI token.

The ELI token public presale is about to start: tokens will be available from the 20th of March. The hard cap is set for the $24 million. Eligma is eager to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to change their shopping experience – the minimum contribution is just 0.1 ETH.

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