Blockchain Technology To Revolutionize Game Industry

Cryptokitties is raising huge funds from big name investors


Cryptokitties medium account had reported that Cryptokitties a virtual game developed by a blockchain startup Axiom Zen had raised $6 billion from top cryptomarket investors. This virtual collectible game is based on ethereum blockchain. Two capital investor firms Union Square Venture and Andreessen Horowitz have put their money in it.
Andreessen Horowitz was an early facebook investor and Union Square Venture was an early believer of twitter, both the capital firms have made investments in cryptocurrencies & coinbase wallet. Angelist is also one of the biggest investors of cryptokitties.
This Ethereum based game was launched on 28th november,2017. By 4th december, it became the largest decentralized application based on Ethereum. DApp smart contracts reached 13.94 percent causing network congestion.
Cryptokitties, the game is basically about creating and breeding virtual cats keeping their genetic material secured. A user has to pay Ethereum in order to play the game as cats can be purchased and sold in ETH cryptocurrency. Two months after the game was launched, Ethereum noticed a hike by 152 percent. From $469 on November, 28 to $1185 on January, 28. It is trading at $556 according to the cointelegraph, Ethereum price index.
The blockchain industry is planning to revolutionize the game industry by launching games based on blockchain technology. The game, Spell of genesis is based on Bitcoin and Beyond the void is on Nexium(NXC). At present, there are about 62 blockchain based games, some of them are running and others are about to be launched soon.

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