Ethereum Classic (ETC) What to expect in 2018 – Big Plans

Ethereum Classic (ETC), currently number 17th on coinmarketcap, has been in the top 10 most traded coins over the past couple of weeks following the recent drop in prices that also affected most of the coins in the market.

In the cryptocurrency market, innovations and advances in technology are almost a common occurrence. For that reason, the Ethereum Classic team has positioned itself at the forefront of suitable technology advances in 2018. They have reviewed and adjusted their long-term interest to their growing community.

The team at Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been expanding with the recent addition of Richard Schumann to the team. He will be in charge of improving the graphics to ensure that end users have an easy time engaging with the ETC ventures. On the other hand, another team member, Mario Michel is expected to control the community channels, especially the newly started ETC Italia Telegram.

So, what’s next for Ethereum Classic?

The developers are committed to ensuring that the flexibility of sidechains is highly enhanced. They will also build an Emerald portable wallet and besides, they intend to join operations and bring forth the similarity of ETC and other digital assets. Ethereum Classic (ETC) also plans to improve its tradable token.

The ETC coder, Pyskell, is committed to unearthing the effects of these fluctuations and possibly allow the currency to increase in value in a more stable way.

Investment areas

In 2018, the Ethereum Classic platform will be transformed through the efforts of its Ethereum Classic Cooperative (ECC). This is exactly what it needs to claw back some of the stardust from Ethereum (ETH).

The ECC targets to have the Ethereum Classic protocol enhanced as the best platform for sharing information and value. ETC has the capacity to be a market leader in the digital economy. Perhaps that’s why the platform’s flexible, intuitive Smart Contracts are going to be the benchmark for everything IoT (internet of things).

The ETC Foundation believes that a proper approach to the development of the coin and its platform is anchored in these three areas: Ethereum Classic protocol development, marketing, and community initiatives. The ECC has therefore instituted guidelines to ensure the proper deployment of all ETC capital across these areas. The aim is to fast track development through monitoring progress for every aspect of the blockchain.

Classic Geth

ETCDEV have been maintaining and improving Geth since the fork and are going to continue this work with a focus on architecture modularization, performance improvements and making it friendlier for using in the business environment. Classic Geth is a fork of ETH Geth but developed separately since October 2016 (up to 50% of the current code has been rewritten/replaced/removed).

Sputnik VM

Next generation of EVM developed by ETCDEV team. It’s a separate embeddable EVM, compatible with different types of Ethereum blockchains, compatible with IoT. ETCDEV is going to work on further improvements, parallel execution, optimizations for different hardware architectures and Just-In-Time compilation for EVM bytecode.

Emerald Platform

Toolkit to build applications running on Ethereum ETC, contains UI Components, Libraries for Javascript and Rust, Icons, Build tools, etc. Targeting various platforms, such as Desktop, Mobile, Web and even Shell Scripting.


New project for 2018, sidechain implementation as native part of ETC infrastructure and protocols to add scalability and bring ETC to IoT.

The future

We all know it is not easy to predict the fate of a cryptocurrency, however, the development of sidechains will encourage exchanges at no fee. Besides, it has the adaptability of being used privately or publicly.
The team at Ethereum Classic has a clear roadmap for the future of the coin, but still, only time will tell as Ethereum Classic (ETC) goes through the volatile cryptocurrency space.

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