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Great news for Dapp developers as OpenNode and Blockstack have announced on March 25, 2019, that they are teaming up to offer a free virtual workshop for interested participants.

Learn the Ropes

A lot of strides are being made in the progression of blockchain education such as with the Blockchain Learning Group and courses at various universities.

One of the advantages that blockchain has in terms of education is that a lot of the information can be taught remotely and it is not uncommon for developers to learn their skills from scratch over the internet.

Now, OpenNode and Blockstack have announced On March 25, 2019, that they will be teaming up to offer a free virtual blockchain workshop for all interested parties. The announcement writes:

“We’re proud to announce a virtual workshop with Blockstack as a necessary step on our path to spread bitcoin around the world,”


”Consider this a call to all developers wanting to build with the simplest, most powerful tools in the bitcoin development arena.”

About the Organizers

Blockstack is a popular tool for decentralized computing protocol for building, developing, and distributing decentralized apps.

OpenNode on the other hand, works towards helping developers to monetize their creations by taking their apps to the market.

With these two coming together, developers will be able to learn about not just developing Dapps but making money off them as well. The workshop will be free and will be hosted by OpenNode’s CTO João Almeida and Lead Developer Rui Gomes and will be held on April 9, 2019, at 12PM EST.

Dapps of the Future

Besides cryptocurrency and blockchain networks created for utility purposes, Dapps are also one of the greatest offerings that blockchain has to offer, and is becoming more and more popular, with some believing that they will become the standard in application creation in the future.

In anticipation of that, there is a need to help the Dapps market mature in a sense and also to help the creators to d’apps to properly monetize them.

From all indications, this is to be the first in a series for Blockstack and OpenNode with more topics to be touched on as time goes on and more benefits for participants.

The statement writes conclusively:

“We’re excited to see what you build. This will be the first of many co-hosted workshops, hackathons, bounties, competitions and more. Stay tuned!,

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