Capitalise Beta Opens: Allowing Easy and Simple Creation Of Advanced Crypto Investment Tools

Capitalise will be launching its Crypto beta group to enable proper testing of its Do It Yourself (DIY) algorithm creating platform to enhance and allow automatic trading strategies for crypto traders and investors.

The premise is that sophisticated trading tools were always available to a select percentage of the population. Generally, you should need to have deep pockets or at least know how to program to gain access or create these algorithms.

Capitalise’s vision is to democratize the access for algorithmic and sophisticated trading tools, by allowing the average joe to program his own algorithm.

Computer algorithms are usually expressions of ideas and intentions of their creators to interpret events and respond appropriately according to embedded instructions. In the world of online trading, algorithmic trading software has been used by hedge funds in the equity, commodity and currency markets. But bots were first used by private investors in currency trading as Expert Advisors (EA).

Trading Bots are Important

Today in the cryptocurrency trading and investment ecosystem, bots are becoming a popular development. These bots are employed by traders and investors to identify market trends and automatically execute trades based on predetermined conditions.

Trading algorithms became necessary because of the inability of most traders to pay total attention to their portfolios for various reasons. Such reasons could include the fact that most of these traders only operate as part-time players in the industry, therefore would need time to attend to their primary endeavors. Other reasons include the inability of traders to keep tabs with the numerous digital assets with which they are simultaneously involved, and avoiding emotional interference in the form of fear and greed while trading.

Currently, the knowledge-base of crypto developers who write these codes and create the trading algorithms is limited and exclusive. This implies that majority of traders and investors seeking to adopt the automated trading concept are condemned to the ideas and trading strategies of these few programmers and the people around them. Hence, it is possible to find an excellent trading strategy that remains outside the automated circle due to the inability of the originator to write codes.


Decentralized Ability

With the creation by Capitalise, no one will be further left out, and every strategy or idea becomes programmable as long as it can be written down in regular English language. What this means is that Capitalise is providing the public a Do It Yourself (DIY) algorithm maker that translates plain English language descriptions into real live and working algorithms that can be connected to an exchange.

This development will enable traders to take control of their trading and manage their strategies, taking fear and greed out of the equation. Hence, users can trust and believe in their strategies instead of exhibiting knee-jerk reactions that make them either miss out on profitable opportunities or follow deceptive trends.

This project will allow traders to not only execute trades round the clock without necessarily being present but do so with their own personalized or trusted strategy as long as their trading gadget is active in real or virtual servers. All this is possible without the necessity of learning any form of coding or machine language. Just describe your strategy and have it developed.

Universal Integration

Capitalise allows the integration of third-party data providers via API.

This implies that created algorithms can plugin and communicate effectively with trading platforms. In a social model style, strategy owners can monetize their efforts by allowing usage by other traders in return for profit.

The crypto marketplace is huge with a few thousand cryptocurrencies already existing in an ecosystem that is bound to grow. It is common to find investors who hold several tokens in their portfolio at the same time. Following up on these tokens can be tedious to implement manually. By introducing automated systems that are based on well-articulated strategies, crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors can relax and watch their assets work for them even while they sleep.


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