ATFX Earns New License in Abu Dhabi, Opening Up New Regional Opportunities

AT Capital Markets (ATFX) has just received its license and is now fully regulated by the FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority) in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). This represents a significant milestone for the group, reflecting its commitment to offering a world class services to its client base globally.

ATFX has consistently aimed to provide its clients with legal and trustworthy services. This includes the recent reception of its license, which now permits the group to deal in investments as principal (only as matched principal), while arranging deals in investments to professional clients.

Regulated from the highest authority

ADGM is an international financial center located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE). ADGM aims to ensure that that financial service providers operating in the UAE work with the best interest of their clients in mind, while following international standards and best practices.

Of note, ADGM has three independent Authorities: The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), the Registration Authority, and the ADGM Courts. The FSRA is the financial regulatory body in ADGM. By extension, ADGM’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) is committed to operating a fair, efficient, and responsive regulatory environment for its market participants and stakeholders both in the UAE and internationally.

Receiving the license from this regulatory body provides ATFX with a strong foundation in launching its services in the Middle East and opening its first office in the region. The group had already been working on customizing its services suite for the Middle Eastern market.

Recently, ATFX launched its Arabic Language website to personalize our process of online trading platform for its Middle Eastern Clientele, which will be offering a 24/5 localized multilingual support.

The effort helps make it more comfortable for ATFX’s clients to access assistance in the languages they are most compatible with. Additionally, ATFX has carefully handpicked a team of international experienced financial staff to support its efforts in achieving its global and regional objectives.

ATFX recently participated in the 13th Jordan Forex Expo (JFEX) 2018 and won the Best Forex Customer Services 2017 award as part of The Entrepreneur JFEX Awards at the event. This was its first step to entering the financial markets in the Middle East. ATFX also intends to participate in a number of these events in the region.

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