Bitsler Casino Works on Creating More Immersive Experience for Players

During the last couple of years, the digital currency casino market has rapidly evolved, given the appearance of more games, features, bonuses, and more. However, of the currently active casinos are fairly complicated, given the learning curve that users are required to go through.

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Bitsler represents a fairly new casino on the market, as it was launched back in 2015. However, it has quickly managed to gain popularity thanks to its ease-of-use, great game design, bonuses, and user features.

To kick things off, Bitsler currently offers 4 games that players can choose from, these being Dice, Roulette, Multicolour and Cara Y Cruz. Each game contains a variety of tools meant to make gambling on the website, an easier and more rewarding experience. For instance, those who are looking to bring in big profits, have access to a statistics panel that offers important information regarding the users’ current stats, level and awards. Some of the other interesting tools that Bitsler offers, include a faucet that can be used to claim free BTC, automatic betting, keyboard shortcuts, progressive jackpots and more.

In an effort to provide a more immersive user experience, Bitsler has also created a networks panel, meant to incentivise socializing between players, who can be added as friends.

At this moment in time, Bitsler supports a total of eight currencies, one of which is, Bitcoin. Through the help of ShapeShift, which is directly integrated within the casino, users can deposit in 7 other altcoins, including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and more.

It is important to point out the fact that the team behind Bitsler is actively working on new updates. For instance, one of the games available on the casino is being revamped, to offer a better experience. Additionally, a forum has been added, as a way of further encouraging player cooperation. Last but not least, the casino now also offers almost 24/7 support, meaning that users encountering any sort of issue, will receive customer support replies as soon as possible.

In the future, once all planned updates are implemented, Bitsler also plans on rolling out fresh promotions, more bonuses and contests for its players.

Those who are interested in learning more about Bitsler, can check out the casino’s website.

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