Blockchain-powered Social Media Network Offers Users Better Privacy than Facebook is poised to disrupt the social media ecosystem, displacing platforms like Facebook with its encrypted data and enhanced privacy platform.

The network saves data in a decentralized manner making it difficult for search engines to index user profiles. has announced that the public can now register to enjoy its beta version, which offers better privacy protection than facebook.

Recently, Facebook got into hot water due to data privacy issues. Most social media networks allow third parties to gain access to and harvest user data without the consent of users.

Billions of people make use of social media globally. However, most of these platforms do not handle peoples data securely. Some even sell peoples data to third parties without the consent of the users.

Jade Mulholland, founder, and CEO of the platform has said that:

“At, it is our intention to provide an adequate response and solution to recent challenges affecting social networks. To this end, we are building a secure and decentralized social network. Sociall encrypts all data and multimedia uploads, and stores it securely all over the world, making it completely decentralized.”

Unlike Facebook and the rest, Sociall does not claim ownership of peoples data, and it is built in a way that makes it difficult for search engines to access user profiles or display them in search results. The user has full right his data.

SCL is the native cryptocurrency of the Sociall platform. It facilitates all transactions in the Sociall ecosystem. SCL is already in circulation and can be traded on various exchanges. All user accounts will have decentralized smart contracts enabled wallets that will help them store SCL and other cryptos.

The platform will be fully controlled by users. They will remove spam messages and offensive posts while earning SCL for all their positive actions in the community.

All users will control access to their profile and data using the platform’s encrypted decentralized storage system. Next year, data storage will be moved to IPFS, which is a distributed peer-to-peer system of data storage.

IdentityServer will securely handle all authentication processes on the platform.

Audits and penetration testing is done by a trusted third-party security firm, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and transparency.  All audit reports will be published on GitHub.

The Sociall platform will let users have complete control of their private keys as it is an entirely decentralized system.

Other Key Feature

The platform will have an in-built marketplace where users can transact using the SCL token. Sociall charges a 1% fee from the seller on all transactions.

Users can top-up their accounts with cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Messaging will be on a peer-to-peer basis, but dedicated messaging communities will be added soon.

Sociall has entered into strategic partnership with MoxyOne to make it possible for members to use debit cards which will allow them to spend their SCL token globally.

Later this year, the entire Sociall project will become open source. Members of the public will be offered bounties to test codes on the platform and find loopholes in security, design and other areas.

Social encrypts all data and multimedia uploads and stores them in strategic locations globally. Sociall is an entirely decentralized platform, unlike Facebook and others.

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