Experty's $5000 Video Competition Is Now Underway

Experty is holding a competition that offers an opportunity for the participants to win $5000 in prize money.

The Experty video competition is a window for its users to show the world how much they love the platform and how they intend to use it. Participants in the contest are required to upload the video to YouTube and Tweet the link to Experty’s official Twitter handle — @Experty_io, along with the tag #iloveexperty.

The competition, held exclusively on YouTube is open for users from all over the world. The video itself does not have to be professionally made. Participants can use any normal camera, webcam, or even their smartphone to capture the video as the whole point of the contest is to show one’s love for Experty platform. In addition to the $5000 prize, the platform has also set aside few extra prices for the first videos sent.

To qualify for the contest, the video must meet few basic criteria.

  • It should be at least one minute long
  • The testimony should be accurate and relative to the Experty platform.
  • It should not violate any of YouTube’s community or copyright guidelines in any way.

The public will also cast their votes on their preferred video submissions using Woobox on the Expert website.

Anyone can win just by submitting a qualified video early enough. The 1st place winner will win $3000 worth of EXY or ETH while the 2nd place winner takes home $1500 worth of EXY or ETH. The 3rd place winner collects $500 worth of EXY or ETH. Participants who submit early entries will receive $100 worth of EXY or ETH for the first 10 qualifying submissions. The winner will be announced by YouTube expert and influencer, Nick Nimmin, Experty’s own YouTube ambassador. Top 3 winners will also be announced on the Experty YouTube channel.

This will be the first time such a competition is held by the platform for its current and new users. If you are yet to join the Experty platform this is the time to do so, and stand a chance to enjoy these wonderful perks. The firm has developed a Blockchain based calling platform that allows two or more parties to connect via video link or audio call. Users can also send free text messages between each other. Video and voice calls are always paid at the providers predetermined rate. The platform consists of applications for mobile, web and desktop so that the platform’s use is truly unlimited.

Submissions end on the 21st April 2018, followed by voting on the 4th of May. Winners will be announced on May 5, 2018.

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