What is Going On with Crypto Advertisers and Google AdWords?

It is very important for the industry to have healthy advertisers in the cryptocurrency world. Clearly, if some of them break the rules, they should be immediately suspended. But some advertises that are using Google AdWords with the intention to promote their businesses, are receiving less ad views. But there is an explanation why that’s happening.

AdWords Suspended Campaigns

According to some reports, some users are seeing a suspension in their ads and accounts. There is an important drop in the views of the advertisements that use AdWords. Indeed, a company has shared the data about their views, and it has experienced a pronounced decrease in views.

Apparently, the drop is related to the fact that AdWords are now much more limited than before. They can be approved, but they will always show to a reduced amount of people that will be selected by region, age group or devices.

This is not happening to just one cryptocurrency enterprise, but it is a situation that is affecting several users and businesses. There are several enterprises that claim that their accounts have been suspended and/or terminated.

For example, the user anas b explained that her/his account has been terminated:

“I am facing serious issues in my AdWords account that is Misrepresentation as per google team, I have analyzed the website that is www.blockobi.com completely and I couldn’t find any reason that is violating google policies. Our business is “Blockchain technology development” and we provide services in UAE.”

After these situations repeated several times, there was a rumor about Google trying to ban cryptocurrency ads. Google was contacted by Finance Magnates and google answered that the platform that banned cryptocurrency and ICO enterprises was Facebook and not Google.

“Our Financial Services policy does not mention anything regarding ICOs or cryptocurrency and as such, their promotion is allowed on our platform,” reads the message that AdWords support gave. “It was Facebook who really banned the promotion of cryptocurrency on their platform.”

A good way to replace Google AdWords is Coinzilla. This is a Bitcoin related advertisement network that support Bitcoin and cryptocurrency websites. With Coinzilla, enterprises would be able to monetize their crypto-related websites and receive BTC. At the same time, it is a great alternative to promote crypto-related businesses.

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