With HashFlare users will receive Massive Discounts on Bitcoin and Scrypt Cloud Mining

HashFlare, a reputable cloud mining company is giving its users huge discounts this season. There are exciting new and lower prices for Scrypt contracts as well as Litecoin cloud mining contracts.

Now users can mine for as low as $4.20 per 1 MH/s. That’s not all, users are still entitled to 5% discount on the purchase of their first cloud mining contract. To get this discount, use the promo code HF18WQOD22J5. Promo runs until March 6, 2018.

The discounts on Scrypt contracts have been on since February 13. There is also a 5 percent discount on all SHA-256, SCRYPT, ETH and EQUICASH contracts.  The recent bearish market trend has made HashFlare encourage its customers by giving them these huge discounts.

These discounts remain valid until March 6, 2018. To get the discount make sure you enter the promo code HF18WQOD22J5. This special offer can only be used once per account and its available to 900 unique accounts.

More about HashFlare

The company has been around for three years now, focusing on giving users the best cloud mining experience on SHA 256, Ethereum, Scrypt and ZCASH cloud mining contracts.

In addition to providing cloud mining services, HashFlare also offers other services such as proof of hash rate, mining pool selection, and instant payouts. With these services, users can closely monitor their hash rate as well as being able to choose the most profitable mining pool to use.

To learn more about HashFlare and its groundbreaking services, please visit www.cloudminingreport.com/reviews/hashflare/bitcoin-and-ethereum-cloudmining-review

HashFlare has made it quite easy for anyone to use its cloud mining services from anywhere around the world, offering everyone a great opportunity to be part of the crypto revolution.

Whether you are a crypto novice or an expert in the game, you can register for a free account on the platform and experience the amazing excellence of HashFlare.

A free account would also help you learn more about the one-year SHA-256 and Scrypt contracts, as well as Zcash and Ethereum cloud mining. All these don’t require you to pay maintenance fees. These exciting benefits make HashFlare the best.  To start now, visit www.hashflare.io

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