IPCHAIN Database: Protecting Intellectual Property with Blockchain

IPCHAIN Database represents a unique use case of Blockchain technology and ensures the optimal protection of intellectual property – thanks to the cooperation with international IP authorities and stakeholders.

Protect, securely share and sell your creative work and sensitive information with IPCHAIN Database, which is designed to address the needs of scientists, inventors, artists, and companies. The platform protects all types of intellectual property by placing a hash securely on the Blockchain. IPCHAIN Database puts special emphasis on the protection of inventions and scientific findings through defensive publication and ensures that patent offices will be able to quickly access this information during their research. But also all other types of IP – such as data, text, images, music, videos, code, 3D assets, websites or trade secrets – can be protected using IPCHAIN Database. Users will be able to securely share confidential information by quickly adding non-disclosure documents to the Blockchain and will also be able to use the IPCHAIN Database marketplace to sell or buy intellectual property.

IPCHAIN Database is fully dedicated to the protection of the works of innovators and does so in collaboration with patent offices and leading IP experts. The uniqueness and significance of the platform can be easily demonstrated using the example of a scientist who publishes a defensive publication via IPCHAIN Database. The aim of such a publication is to prevent others from filing a patent for his idea (as novelty is a prerequisite for patent applications). This requires not only the safe storage of data, but the patent offices need to be able to find that data during their prior art research. Thanks to its relationship with patent offices, IPCHAIN Database’s architecture has been designed in accordance with all applicable policies and requirements to ensure that the user’s data will be considered in such research done by the authorities.

IPCHAIN Database has many partnerships with leading stakeholders in the field of intellectual property – among them WIPO Green (a division of the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO), the Dennemeyer Group (the world’s largest IP law firm) and the Marie Curie Alumni Association MCAA (representing the interests of over 10,000 leading European researchers).

The pre-sale of IPCHAIN Database starts on March 24th.


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