Leadership Summit in Zurich, Switzerland, Reveals Greater Government Interest in the Sector

Blockchain Leadership Summit in Zurich, Switzerland, organized by INNMIND and supported by KICKICO team, confirms financial industry’s commitment towards blockchain and indicates strong interest from government actors.

Blockchain Leadership Summit took place in Zurich, Switzerland, indicating broadening interest from traditional financial sector as well government agencies and country leaders. The forum was hosted by INNMIND, global platform for start-ups and investors, and supported by KICKICO global fundraising platform. It attracted about 500 industry professionals and key specialized media representatives from Cointelegraph, Reuters, Tech Crunch, Bitcoin.com.

The conference had Dr. Sergey Glazyev, economic advisor to the President of Russia, as the initial keynote speaker. Dr. Glazyev stressed that blockchain based solutions are among the most up-to-date methods and techniques, and those need to be employed both by the government sector and private enterprises.

Among other benefits, Dr. Glazyev emphasized the unrestricted nature of digital money, which is not subject to any unpredictable freezes and sanctions, thus reducing political risks. In this respect, Russian banks are looking closely into switching some of their international operations into crypto formats, he concluded.

European countries are paying close attention to this subject as well. The summit was attended by Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, who confirmed his country’s strong interest in deeper implementation of blockchain solutions and technologies. Participation of His Royal Highness gave a clear signal to the community and enthusiasts that the crypto sector is far from being lost and forgotten, quite the opposite.

Ben Banerjee, Board member of INNMIND, EastWest Institute and co-founder of Swiss Impact Investment Association mentioned that if properly utilised, blockchain technologies can fill the gaps and correct the flaws in the present financial system. He also mentioned that blockchain and cryptocurrencies can reduce inequality and be used to financially include major part of the world population who do not have banking access.

Government initiatives in blockchain were further elaborated by Kairat Kelimbetov, Governor of Astana International Financial Centre, Republic of Kazakhstan. Mr. Kelimbetov said that all countries fall into two large groups, one being totally crypto-friendly, and the other – extremely hostile. Kazakhstan’s aim and ambition, he added, is to bring together key CIS talents and provide them with essential tools and good working conditions.

The country’s authorities are positive that connection between crypto and traditional financial sector needs smart and careful regulation.

Swiss representatives taking part in the conference were open to acknowledge that Switzerland was on the slow side as digitalization is concerned, but the country is not making this mistake again. Switzerland is small in size, but with strong focus on innovation.

Regulation and policy-making of blockchain shall rest on four pillars, namely long-term vision, strategy, infrastructure and government support. The Cantons of Zurich and Zug were represented by Counselor Carmen Walker Späh, and Dr. Matthias Michel, Head of the Department of Economic Affairs of Canton Zug, respectively.

Beat Bannwart, Head of Strategic Innovation & Market Development at UBS Switzerland AG, stated that there are many blockchain based solutions that can be implemented within the banking industry. Although banking itself is not headed towards extinction in any foreseeable future, it will face visible transformation. Blockchain can add value in such areas as escrow, trade and settlement, interest bearing investments and many others.


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To watch the live stream  from the Summit, please follow the link: https://www.swissblockchainsummit.com.


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