“Made in Germany” Crypto Exchange to be Released in September

Germany’s second largest stock exchange Börse Stuttgart will soon release its first cryptocurrency trading platform.

According to the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, “Bison simplifies trading in digital currencies. It is the world’s first crypto app, behind which stands a traditional stock exchange. The prototype of the app already exists, the finished product will be available for free from autumn.”

You can have a look at some of the future services of Bison, as the prototype already exists. According to crypto exchange’s website, Bison will start providing its services starting in September 2018. The platform has confirmed that transactions will be made at a zero commission. Also, besides the trading market graphics, the platform will bring you the trending news from the online environment:

Bison analyzes more than 250,000 tweets from the crypto community every day and summarizes the most important information for you.”

Bison has managed to break through investment barriers and design an advanced application that can be used by beginners as well as by experienced ones. According to Börse Stuttgart:

So far, investing in Bitcoin, Ether & Co. has been anything but easy. Bison consistently breaks down barriers: The app is easy to use, the user interface is available in German, later also in English. With Bison, we also reduce the complexity of registration and proof of identity significantly: so far, the opening of a user account usually took several days, in the use of Bison until the activation of trading takes only a few minutes.”

At launch, Bison will support four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, others to be added later. The Bison crypto exchange concept comes as a result of the answers obtained from a questionnaire survey. One of the resulting conclusions was that investors would prefer an easy way to understand and use the crypto market. That’s what Bison plans to provide.

Additionally, you can be among the winner of 3x Bitcoin, 10x Ether, 20x Litecoin or 50x Ripple. What are you waiting for? Register on Bison list and become a VIP user to have more chances. The winner will be selected in September.

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