Microsoft Improved Multi-Member Blockchain Network on Azure

One of the most important enterprises all over the world, Microsoft, has announced on march the 19th that they were able to improve Ethereum on Azure. The new developments include high availability of Blockchain network presence, simplified deployment experience and monitoring and operational support.

Microsoft Improves Blockchain on Azure

On a blog post released by Cody Born, Software Engineer, he explains that Microsoft has seen a strong customer interest in blockchain solutions available on the Azure marketplace. That’s why, they have decided to enhance Ethereum on Azure. Apparently, these are just the first of new releases that are trying to enable production-ready consortium Blockchain networks suited for enterprise scenarios.

After listening their customers, Microsoft was able to identify some request and proceed with some improvements.

The first improvement, mentioned by Cody Born, is high availability of Blockchain network presence. He explains that participants on decentralized networks through nodes in the consensus process it is very important in order to achieve a fair and secure network. This is why they have incorporated cross-region Azure VM Scale Sets (Azure VMSS) and Azure Managed Disks.

Azure VMSS will recover the node, and join it back to the Ethereum network. At the same time, as active nodes can change, the company makes sure to maintain an accurate boot-node list, allowing other members to join the network.

The second improvement is marked as simplified deployment experience, and Mr Born explains it as follows:

“Choosing the right network topology for your scenario can be difficult. We’ve invested significant effort into consolidating the various Ethereum network topologies into one experience, which allows users to walk through deployment options and only shows the information that is important to your scenario.”

Finally, the last improvement is described as monitoring and operational support. It explains that in DevOps, the blockchain network cannot be a blind spot within the application architecture. Now, they support deployment of a customizable monitoring dashboard with your blockchain network in order to monitor telemetry of your blockchain infrastructure.

With Microsoft Azure, IT professionals are able to use, build, deploy, and manage applications using Microsoft global network of data centres.

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