NEO Manager Pushes Back, Says Recent Node Woes an ‘Edge Case’

The NEO community has been dealing with the fallout of a validator node kerfuffle. Now, NEO research and development manager Malcom Lerider has responded by saying the incident was an “edge case” that was overblown. 

Lerider: “Fixed in Upcoming Patch”

Drama hit the space on March 3rd as NEO went down, apparently as a result of a single validator node being acutely disconnected.

Naturally, the project starting receiving incoming salvos from skeptics. But NEO R&D manager Malcom Lerider is officially pushing back, having published a new Medium post in which he argues the incident in question wasn’t as critical as some pundits have made it out to be.

Lerider pictured.

To that end, he wrote:

“I call [the episode] an edge case because it requires a node being out of sync, going offline, then back online during consensus, and send ”change view” (because out of sync) when the consensus is already at a high iteration number (6 or more). Every time a view is changed, the view time is increased. This mean that there is an increasing delay in each iteration to be able to receive all consensus messages. What we experienced yesterday is a combination of 1. Delay is too long, 2. Consensus messages being forwarded with priority but not received with priority (queued behind other messages). These will be fixed in upcoming patch.”

Lerida also argued that the “system can handle nodes going down,” pointing out an explanatory tweet from NEO developer play City of Zion:

Jameson Lopp Isn’t Having It, Sounds Off

BitGo-turned-Casa engineer Jameson Lopp is no stranger to calling out projects he doesn’t believe in.

As such, amid the ongoing validator node drama, Lopp challenged NEO’s approximate $8 billion USD market capitalization, saying the project’s “not even fault tolerant to a single consensus node failing.”

He suggested the market wasn’t being rational:

What can be known for sure is that NEO’s going to be at the center of a lot of debates in the cryptoverse going forward.

What’s your take? Do you side with Lerider or Lopp? Sound off in the comments below. 

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