A New Knowledge Leap – Strong Data Partnerships Allows Changing the Game

Recently the new knowledge-oriented blockchain project Knowledge.io announced their ICO token sale. At this first stage, they have sold more than 5 mln tokens. Today, we will tell you more about why this campaign is successful and how they are going to get and use participant’s knowledge.

The idea of knowledge competitions is not new. People take part in many interesting quizzes and contests, but in most of them, people are just ranked, not rewarded. Meanwhile, marketers have a real problem- they can only get information on any particular user in the context of the content he consumes. This means it’s quite difficult to discover a user’s real knowledge on a subject.

The Knowledge.io project aims to fill this gap. They are developing a decentralized knowledge network with their own Q&A blockchain platform. Using gamification technologies, they are attracting users from their own apps (including Trivia Spar), partner apps and integrated apps to answer questions in exchange for tokens. If you know something, you can get real crypto-money just for your correct answers. Moreover, deeper knowledge can be rewarded with more tokens that you can spend in the Knowledge marketplace or exchange for any other crypto or fiat currency in the wallet. This gives a new dimension of interest to savvy users and experts.

New business opportunity

But who will really pay for the rewards? It’s a fair question, and the answer is easy enough. Commercial and public companies are getting an opportunity to promote knowledge in certain areas, reward people for the right answers and build social competence. This has become possible thanks to strong data partnerships made by the Knowledge.io parent company.

If you are knowledge-keen, you have definitely heard about Trivia Spar. It is a trivia knowledge game that allows advertisers to target people based on their Knowledge Scores in certain fields. It utilizes a patent-pending technology to generate a score on the topics of interest to advertisers. As a result of close relationships with Oxford University, TiVo, KBB, and several others, Trivia Spar is able to create questions based on structured data on any specific topic.

Now there are more than 10,000,000 questions in Trivia Spar System, covering different fields of practical and theoretical knowledge in very different fields. In accordance with advertisers’ requests, the users are ranked with scores on Movies and Sports, and also answer questions from the Oxford Dictionary of History and the Oxford Dictionary of Geography. But that’s not all, Trivia Spar users are also answering medical questions based on ICD9 and ICD10 standards.

Thanks to data partnerships, it is possible to generate numerous amount of questions, linking people with their knowledge, and building up a new blockchain-based ecosystem for community education and highly-precise targeted ads campaigns.  Moreover, rewarded with KWN token, people will have to identify themselves when they will convert or spend their money.

KWN Token

If advertising is your game or you are want to educate your audience, now is a right time to buy KWN token with a huge bonus. The ICO sale ends April 8. 5 mln tokens have already been sold. Thanks to partnerships with companies like Gaming Grids, the Knowledge.io project already interacts with more than 5 million active monthly users of the eSports portal and is continuing to grow its audience rapidly.

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