Ripple – the next Bitcoin

Analysts, traders and investors are constantly looking for the next breakthrough in the crypto currency market. While Bitcoin is still in the ranks, other crypto currencies can ascend to the pedestal and outshine it as a standard for digital financial transfers.

One of the possible "discoveries" may be Ripple, since it is this company that signs solid partner agreements with large banks and, as a result, receives a lot of attention in the media.

Some experts predict that XRP can make a breakthrough, since a large profit from an asset in 1 $ will be much more likely than from an asset valued at 10 000 $.

Ripple keeps the way to the mainstream

Craig Cole of CryptoMaps is one of the experts who believes that XRP has a great future:

"Its fast transactions and lower tariffs make it easier for financial systems to use virtual currency, in part, therefore, the value of this token has grown significantly this year. Ripple helps financial institutions save money, and it is expected that their Blockchain will spread across all payment flows. This crypto currency has all the chances to take the throne in the world of digital currencies, which is what will happen, expect XRP to reach the level of Bitcoin in the near future. "

Early Bitcoin-investors had to wait almost 10 years to reap the benefits and go out on the new Lamborghini from the car dealership. However, do not expect that in the case of Ripple everything will happen overnight.

Earlier we wrote that Ripple will be used in 80% of Japanese banks, as well as South Korean banks add it to your system next year.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crytpo News

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