Who Are High-Risk Merchants?

High-risk merchants are businesses or people who are unable to access high-risk merchant accounts and payment gateways for some reasons. With banking restrictions, high-risk merchant processing may be frustrating and impossible.

Reasons Why Your Business May Be Considered High-Risk

  • – History of chargebacks.
  • – Returns: your business has a history of returning goods to customers.
  • – Delivery time: your company takes weeks or more to deliver goods.
  • – Low credit score.
  • – Industry reputation: industries like tobacco, drug store, pharmacy, bitcoin, auto rental, adult entertainment, adult dating, travel, ticketing agencies, insurance, gambling, CBD, cryptocurrency, and more, are considered high-risk;
  • – New business: if your business has not proved itself, you may be considered as high-risk, and banks may be unwilling to allow secure payment processing.
  • – Bankruptcy: if your business or members within your organization suffer bankruptcy, you may be considered as high risk;
  • – High transaction volume: if your company processes a large transaction volume, you are high risk.
  • – Difficulty in securing a provider for your business.
  • – You suffer higher processing fees, rolling reserve and may be denied credit card processing.
  • – Your account can be subject to unfair closing.

How Can We Help You?

At Pure Pay, we offer financial services to high-risk merchants within CBD, gambling, cryptocurrency, and other high-risk industries. Even if your industry is not listed, we can always help you secure banks and institutions that will easily offer you payment processing gateways and open high-risk merchant accounts for your business. We are a foremost institution in secure payment processing UK, and our influence and presence will help your business to thrive.

About PurePay for high-risk payment processing

PurePay is a high-risk merchant provider that processes volumes up to £100 million.

The company’s extensive banking relationships across Europe and North America ensures that high-risk merchants are not denied account approvals. With its fraud prevention technology, online payment gateway, and POS solutions, PurePay can be the perfect companion for any high-risk merchant!

What makes PurePay unique? The answer is simple. The company understands merchant needs and delivers payment options and facilities accordingly. It has a straightforward business strategy.

Let’s not forget that PurePay covers the biggest shopping carts around like Shopify, Magento, Zen Cart, etc. Overall, it’s the ideal payment solutions provider for any merchant!

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