Winco ICO – Invest in Non-Digital Based Products And Services

Information about Winco

A new Ethereum- based platform, Winco, is planning to change the way non-digital businesses interact with the newest developments in blockchain technology, connecting the two worlds through their network, which only brings in the most promising and successful companies and startup projects.

Blockchain revolutionized the way transactions work, as it improved the speed, lowered the costs and increased their security. The crypto environment is rapidly evolving, and the next natural step would be to include the many benefits of blockchain technology into all aspects of people’s lives. The decentralized character of this technology will let people have control and more freedom, by getting rid of the middle-men.

Winco’s Purpose

Winco developed their platform to give entrance to crypto investors to real-world based products and services such as real estate and franchise assets, seeing as these items have their own value that is independent of other factors. The platform’s own token will have many appliances in all of the retail industry, letting users access the market’s exchanges. The Winco token enables customers to make in-platform payments, as well as being used for paying the employees and suppliers of the network.

The Winco cryptocurrency was created to be used in multiple economic sectors and businesses that move capital in great volume every day across the world.  

Franchise networks can help make the uses of cryptocurrencies more known to the public and further its general adoption, considering that such companies will be incorporated into everyday life by offering a more facile and convenient solution.

Winco’s network will increase its number of franchises over time, contributing to its development. Tech startups will also be extremely important to this project, as they will aid Winco in continuing to develop, seeing as they would help improve the way their token moves in the crypto space through their high-volume transactions.

ICO information

The token sale will help Winco raise the necessary capital for the improvement of their platform and their cryptocurrency. The ICO will also contribute to getting the token more known on the market, which in time will help the coin be more popular and eventually result in an increase in its price. Winco already manages to sell 500 million WCO tokens. Main sale’s first phase started on February the 19th, their digital token being worth $0.07 per token. The token sale will end on March 29th, 2018.



Winco wishes to create a decentralized solution that can reduce the inconveniences that result from regulatory measures and facilitate the use of blockchain in non-related businesses. Their digital token will enable investors to participate in various sectors of the market, giving them access to real-world based assets and services, and also letting them use their favorite currencies, including cryptos.

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