Cointrade aims to create the most user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform

After conducting a careful market analysis, the Cointrade team is able to see the shortcomings of existing cryptocurrency exchanges clearly. Thus, the team aims to bring forth a next generation cryptocurrency exchange. One that will exemplify the highest standards of usability, quality, stability, and security.

The emergence of a well polished digital asset exchange with a personal touch will undoubtedly attract a vast amount of newcomers to the market, and revitalize trust in cryptocurrency exchanges on a massive scale.

Some serious issues that stand as a pretty big barrier for new entrants into the market were thoroughly studied and highlighted by the Cointrade analyst team. These issues seriously limit new inflows of investment volumes into the market.

Current problems:

Excessive commissions

Most cryptocurrency exchanges carry overly high commissions, and on top of that impose hidden fees on nearly all transactions.

Sensitive data

Prior to users taking part in their first trades on an exchange, they must verify their identities. Which requires sensitive information disclosure. Unfortunately, many cryptocurrency exchanges do not always handle this information responsibly.

Lost funds

Over the course of cryptocurrency trading, exchanges have been at the whims of hack attempts, DDoS attacks, and even exchange management behaving unethically. There have been numerous cases of user funds being lost or stolen.

Not enough trading pairs

Currently, it is a challenge to invest in different alternative cryptocurrencies directly in fiat. This is due to the fact that the majority of exchanges are limited in the number of trading pairs that they provide. Which indirectly actually forces users to pay more fees.

Confusing interfaces

New entrants to the cryptomarket commonly find it difficult to navigate and understand most cryptocurrency exchange interfaces. This can lead to financial losses and traders leaving the market.

Poor security

Oftentimes, crypto exchange owners do not stress the security of their platforms enough. Due to this, platform users can end up with massive losses and start to distrust the industry as a whole.

Unstable platforms

Most exchange platforms are relatively unstable in addition to being vulnerable. There have been many cases of exchanges putting users through severe lags as well as aggravating technical errors during trades.

Together, these issues create many barriers for newcomers to the cryptomarket. As a result, investment volumes drop. Thankfully, the Cointrade team fixes these issues with its high quality product.

Solutions provided by Cointrade:

  • Backend operations interface
  • Order processing algorithm
  • Cryptocoin client interface
  • Market maker

Cointrade ICO and token

The token purchasable during Cointrades ICO, (CTT), complies with ERC20 standards. A limited supply of 236 110 000 tokens will ever be released.

Considering that the platform aims to attract a substantial amount of people that have never invested before, CTT token demand will grow together with the number of platform users.

Token holders will see benefits in the form of 80% decreased trading fees, increased withdrawal, and deposit limits, premium support, and advanced access to new features.

About Initial Coin Offering

236.110.00 CTT will be released.

  • 23.610.000 CTT will be reserved for team members.
  • 25.000.000 CTT will be available for sale during the pre-ICO
  • 187.500.000 CTT will be sold during the Main ICO

Base price: 1 CTT = 0.24 USD


Start: 1st April 2018
End: 20th April 2018

Pre-ICO price: 1 CTT = 0.20 USD

Main ICO

The main ICO will start in July 2018
ICO price for CTT will vary between 0.22 and 0.24 USD depending on the stage.


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Email inquiries [email protected]

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