DATx Blockchain-Based Advertising Platform Successfully Ends its Token Generation Event

In this era of tokenization Blockchain-based startups are always working tirelessly round the clock, in order to have a highly successful and hitch free fundraiser.

DATx, an innovative blockchain-based advertising agency, which is the brainchild of Cosima foundation, have succeeded in launching its native cryptocurrency.

The token sale which had an issuance of 10 billion DATx tokens was on very high demand by 1068 over subscription.  The token sale was able to pool the sum of 50,000ETHand it proved to be huge success.

DATx Blockchain technology is an integration of artificial intelligence and big data solutions.

The platform is aimed at enabling advertisers to refine their audience targeting tools, by using a transparent, multi-stakeholder record of users’ behavior data.

It also aims to cut through all the blockages to get reach its users directly and effectively, without third parties.

Also, DATx plans to evolve into an advertising ecosystem that will enhance value creation. In order to expand its users’ file, it landed on the iconic Nasdaq screen located at the towers of Times Square NASDAQ stock exchange before its inauguration.

The organization has become the world’s first blockchain-based advertising agency to register over 100 million daily active users (DAU) in its network, within its first introductory year.

Key Investors DATx

Considering DATx huge success and a great blueprint for the future, they are certainly not short of big investors.

Big whales in the blockchain ecosystem are very much interested in collaborating with the team. The DATx team has formed strategic partnerships with highly reputable firms such as QTUM FOUNDATION, VisionPlus Capital, AELF and QKL Capital. Its core team members consist of over 80 engineers, product manager, architects and UEX experts.

The future is certainly very bright for DATx.

This is not one of the pump and dump schemes but a solid platform that will give investors massive returns on investments in due time.

To learn more visit www.datx.co

Telegram: www.t.me/datxofficial01

Twitter: www.twitter.com/DATxOfficial

The Team: www.datx.co/#team

Email: [email protected]

Whitepaper: www.datx.co/pdf/DATX+WHITEPAPER+(EN)%20V1.o.pdf

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