ImmVRse has brought Positive Change to the Virtual Reality Industry

The demand for VR content is ever on the increase because the world is always looking for better ways of doing things. This has made VR a very valuable tool in various industries.

According to Transparency Market Research (TMR), there will be a massive growth for the VR ecosystem. This exponential rise will take the value of the VR industry to a whopping $41 billion from its current meager value of $147 million.

In order to serve its users better, the ImmVRse team has adopted a community-driven approach whereby the users determine the value of published content.

The ImmVRse system is built in a way that makes it easy for content creators to be in constant communication with the community.

Content creators are categorized into different tiers in the ImmVRse system. The more experienced content creators occupy the highest tiers and get highly lucrative deals from advertisers.

Content creators earn accolades through the monthly creators’ award and endorsement badges.

Each month the team organizes an award ceremony that lets users vote for their best videos from different categories. The voting process is handled by smart contracts and winners receive ImmVRse tokens and they’ll also advance into higher tiers.

Once content creators successfully complete a business project, they’ll receive an endorsement badge. These badges enable brands and companies recognize the creators as experts.  The level of complexity of each project a creator completes is considered when giving them rewards.

The Tier system is a very comprehensive yardstick to use in measuring experience and quality of work of creators. Creators that are good at the trade will quickly move into top tiers while the lazy ones will be left at the bottom. The creators at the top tier generally charge clients more for their services than the ones at the bottom tiers.

This ranking tier system is aimed at ensuring creators give their best at all times. The highest tier a content creator can reach is the diamond tier. Once a creator achieves this status, they become regarded as one of the elite content creators on ImmVRse.

ImmVRse strongly believes that this approach is the best way to bring out the genius in content creators.

The Team

ImmVRse boasts of highly talented experts from various fields, some of which include blockchain development, VR, IT management and more. Some key members include:

Farabi Shayor CEO

He has over 10 years experience in developing market deliverables, financial analysis (cryptocurrency).

The CEO has a in Finance and an MSc in Marketing. The CEO is currently conducting a research in VR Neuroscience, with a team of students at the Imperial College London.  Check out his LinkedIn profile at

Limon Rahman, COO, and Co-founder

Limon is a successful entrepreneur with several years of experience in financial control and management. View his profile

Other members include

Adrian Chan, Head of Marketing

He has four years of marketing and journalism experience. View his complete profile

Mark Higgins, Chief Information Officer

He’s got over 20 years experience in IT project management.  View full LinkedIn profile

Peter Gostincar, Chief Technical Officer

He has over 8 years experience in large-scale software development. View his full profile at

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Email: [email protected]

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