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Plaza Systems MerchantChain is focused on creating a platform that is sustainable, secure and scalable for trade and e-commerce using blockchain technology. The PLAZA presale is live now.

The project is determined to raise up to 100,000 ETH during its token generation event. The funds will be used to develop the MerchantChain e-commerce platform that will come with artificial intelligence applications as well as a smart speaker and a debit card. The team calls what they are building a blockchain commerce platform (bCommerce).

The  MerchantChain system enables businesses to build their decentralized applications on its blockchain, to benefit from the MerchantChain system that is speedy, highly functional and efficient. It also offers users a chance to enjoy its loyal “Freedom Lifestyle.”

Users of the MerchantChain system can also mint their MerchantChain Transaction Coin (MTC); a coin that’s tethered to real-world value and designed to be used as everyday crypto.

MerchantChain is built on Singapore’s SQ2 Fintech’s proprietary DLT AURA.

The CTO at SQ2 said that:

“We have attempted to address fundamental problems with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and we believe we have succeeded in this mission.”

The CEO and Chief Architect, Kevin Johnson stated that:

“The MerchantChain is the Ethereum for anyone who is serious about conducting business, trade, and commerce on the blockchain.”

The MerchantChain boasts of handling over 15,000 transactions per second, and transactions get confirmed within just three seconds. Even when there are high transaction volumes on the network, the speed is still retained.

Unlike the more established cryptocurrencies, MerchantChain uses the proof-of-reputation algorithm. This algorithm uses a mixture of response time, influence, stake and randomness in rewarding nodes.

MerchantChain blockchain is run by ultra-low-powered IOT devices and not energy rigs.

All users of the MerchantChain platform are required to have their AURA Secure Socket Layer Certificates to transact on the platform. This is the MerchantChain way of preventing fraud.

The system consistently takes note of transaction volumes, user numbers and the deployment of nodes. When the user base and transaction volumes increases, more IOT devices like the PlazaConcierge smart speaker are purchased.

The MerchantChain team believes that the proof-of-reputation algorithm makes the MerchantChain blockchain resistant to quantum attacks.

TGE Bonuses

The Presale is live now and runs until April 12, 2018

March 22-29 – 30% bonus

March 29-April 5 – 25% bonus

April 5-April 12 – 20% bonus

The Crowdsale begins on April 26 and runs until June 7, 2018

TGE Tier 1 – Day1 (15% bonus) – April 26

TGE Tier 2 – April 27-May 3 – 10% bonus

TGE Tier 3 – May 3-May 10 – 5% bonus

All contributors must at buy at least 0.25 ETH of the token.

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