Unibright Set to Revolutionize the Blockchain Industry

Innovative Blockchain Platform Unibright Set to Revolutionize the Blockchain Industry; Token Generation Event Begins on April 10, 2018

It has been a challenge for large and small business to adopt the Blockchain technology into their existing EKP systems without the help of any specialist skills or knowledge. This, however, might be considered a thing of the past, thanks to Unibright innovative B2B model for Blockchain unification as well as, an upcoming token for sale.

The Unibright team which is made up of SAP and process integration Veterans with more than two decades of experience in the field advanced their operation to the operation to the development of software onto distributed ledger technology in 2016 after the realization of the great gain that awaits business owners with the use of blockchain technology.

Unibright through an existing consulting company, SPO consulting GMBH, has spent decades creating ways for traditional enterprises in need of specialized process integrations.

It should also be noted that Unibright team of seasoned veterans has undergone an 18 months research and development of a brand new blockchain based Unification toolset that will overturn lifecycle and supply chain data for business around the world for good.

The Unibright Blockchain Goals

The platform is established basically to help business owners maximize the full advantage of Blockchain technology.

It also provides a number of templates as well as smart connectors that allows existing business to combine their process framework with newly crafted Blockchain integrations. These connections can also be used to move data to and fro multiple blockchains networks.

The company is also planning to promote the development of the framework through a fundraising event via token sales set to commence on April 10, 2018- May 10, 2018, in order to be able to pool a sum of $13,542, 375.

The CEO of Unibright, Stefan Schmidt, said that:

“The most disruptive use cases for the Blockchain are yet to come, With Smart Contracts enabling theses transformations. Companies are now empowered to create ecosystems that support their business processes, making them more efficient and benefit from the features Blockchain offers.”

Unibright Token (UBT) Sale

The sales of each Unbright token will be sold at the rate of $0.14 USD. The token is also designed in such a way that it can unlock platform features such as smart creating and the purchase of template on the Unibright marketplace.

According to Stephan Schmidt, CEO of Unibright, he believes that the dynamism of Blockchain is yet to be unfolded. He feels that companies have been empowered through the Blockchain system to create ecosystems that promote and make their business more efficient and beneficial.

He mentioned Fintech, Shipping, and Healthcare as some of the sectors that could benefit from Blockchain technology.

I guess with this introduction by Unibright one can only but stay hopeful.

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