The World’s Largest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expo Heads to LA this May

Crypto Invest Summit is the largest investment conference and expo for ICOs, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies on the West Coast.

Taking place from May 1 to May 2 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Crypto Invest Summit promises to bring the “who-is-who” in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space together on two stages for two days of presentations, pitches, educational panels and insightful fireside chats with industry leaders

Crypto Invest Summit co-founder Josef Holm was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about the event. You can read the interview below.

Interview with Crypto Invest Summit Co-Founder Josef Holm

What motivated you to found Crypto Invest Summit?

We’ve been hosting conferences for some time now in the crowdfunding space and felt like there was an opportunity to enter the token ecosystem and bring some of the brightest minds in the field together. Our research showed that many people were hungry to learn more about the topic, so what better way to educate yourself than being surrounded by over 4,500 crypto-fanatics. We wanted to create a conference that people would feel proud attending and tell their friends about. After Alon and I traveled to various other crypto related summits, we noticed that there wasn’t one that brought all the components of a great conference together; so we created Crypto Invest Summit, the largest blockchain and cryptocurrency conference on the west coast.

What makes this event unique?

Crypto Invest Summit spans across two stages over two and half days, one of which is an Initial Coin Offering Pitch stage where ICO’s will have 10 minutes to present their projects to willing investors. Unlike most other conferences in the field, our primary goal is to bring blockchain investment opportunities and investors in the same room and create an environment where ICOs can effectively get their message out, and investors have the opportunity to meet with founders face to face. Also, the conference is being held in one of the fastest growing cities for tech, so you can bet that you’ll be surrounded by top-tier talent. In addition, we’re stoked to showcase the leading women in blockchain, with honorable speakers such as Veronica Reynolds, Jenny Ta, and Tavonia Evans to name a few.

How will attending Crypto Invest Summit benefit investors, startups, and business professionals?

Investors and ICOs will meet, deals will be closed, and networks will grow, that’s for sure. With over 4,500 people attending, nothing compares to in-person meetings and networking with the top-tier business and technology leaders.

What networking opportunities will attendees have?

Every moment is a networking opportunity at Crypto Invest Summit. With that being said, we can’t wait for attendees to unwind with one another during day one’s Kick Off Party and day two’s Expo Floor Networking Party. We’ve designed these parties to commemorate networking so that you can be sure of a great time.

What types of insights can attendees expect to take away from the summit?

We’re looking forward to having a fireside chat Brock Pierce and Tim Draper, and hearing from over 60 world-class speakers like Brian Fargo, David Bleznak, Steve Beauregard, Baron Davis, Davis Moss and many more. We’ll be discussing various topics such as cybersecurity with Leemon Baird of Hashgraph, social good with Devin Thorpe of Forbes, blockchain in eSports and gaming with Alex Kokhanovskyy, becoming a successful crypto investor, tokenization debates, and a various legal and regulatory issues, to name a few.

Do you have any advice for attendees who have never been to a cryptocurrency-related conference before?

I remember my first conference, I felt really lost with a lot of the panel discussions and overwhelmed with the majority of topics. Luckily we’ve designed Crypto Invest Summit to accompany all levels of expertise, with topics ranging from beginner to advance. Our efforts show as we’ve already attracted a diverse audience who look forward to learning from one another. Don’t be discouraged from entering a field you know nothing about because the fastest way to learn something is by surrounding yourself with people who know the subject better than you do.

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