Brexiteers rage at Verhofstadt after smug tweet over being ‘served slice of humble pie’

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The Belgian MEP took to Twitter after EU leaders demanded the UK “make the necessary moves to make an agreement possible” following a summit in Brussels. Mr Verhofstadt gleefully tweeted: “Once again, the hard Brexiteers who dream of dividing the EU are served a slice of humble pie.

“The EU27 & European Parliament is united on #Brexit. A close partnership yes, but also a fair one!”

But the Belgian MEP’s gloating tweet prompted an angry reaction from Brexiteers.

One blasted: “Once again, you show why we were right to leave.

“If only you were interested in negotiating a fair deal, this could all be sorted now.

“Remind Macron that without a FTA there are no fish at all.”

Another hit out: “Listen up Guy – there is NO ‘hard’ or soft Brexit – had a half-leave been on the ballot paper, I would have voted to remain!

“Half leaving is the worst option of all, it means 27 EU countries will have control over the UK trading rules. Do NOT do it Boris!”

A third commented: “You are so scared that the UK will beat you once we are independent.”

Another Brexiteer wrote: “The sooner we leave under WTO rules the better! Guy, many of us always knew that there wouldn’t ever be a deal.”

A fifth said: “Let’s get this right, you won’t sign anything unless you get our fish, if we walk you don’t get any fish. Really strong position that mate.”

One more added: “Guy. Always one to intervene and make any situation worse.”

But others agreed with the Belgian MEP, with one Twitter user commenting: “Humble pie without the cherries and not even oven ready.”

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Mr Verhofstadt’s tweet comes as Lord Frost branded the response from the European Council on post-Brexit trade talks “unusual”.

The UK’s chief negotiator said on Twitter: “Disappointed by the European Council conclusions on UK/EU negotiations.

“(I’m) surprised the EU is no longer committed to working ‘intensively’ to reach a future partnership as agreed with European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen on October 3.

“Also surprised by the suggestion that to get an agreement all future moves must come from the UK.

“It’s an unusual approach to conducting a negotiation.”

He added that Boris Johnson would “set out UK reactions and approach” tomorrow.

Last month, the Prime Minister indicated he would walk away from the negotiating table and prepare for no deal if there was no agreement by October 15.

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier insisted his team were determined to reach a “fair deal”.

He said: “We will do everything we can but not at any price.

“My team and I will continue intensive discussions over the coming weeks.”

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