EU panic: Germany loses cool with Boris Johnson over Brexit talks – ‘Worst case scenario’

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Europe minister Michael Roth said both sides face a “worst-case scenario” of a no-deal Brexit unless they can make “substantial progress” in the coming days. He insisted the issues of fisheries, state subsidies policy and enforcement of any agreement remain the main sticking points in the wrangling over a UK-EU free-trade agreement. Speaking ahead of a meeting of EU ministers in Luxembourg, Mr Roth said: “Frankly speaking, we are at a critical stage of the negotiations. We are extremely under pressure, time is running out, that’s we expect substantial progress by our friends in the UK in key areas, in particular governance, the level playing field and fisheries.

“We are well prepared for both scenarios, everybody should know that. No deal is the worst case scenario, not just for the European Union but also for the UK, but we are prepared for that.

“We are working very hard on a good deal, on a sustainable deal, which is acceptable for both sides.”


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