‘Keep your meddling EU nose out!’ Guy Verhofstadt mocked over Brexit rant blaming Boris

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The Belgium MEP, who is a vocal critic of Brexit, took to Twitter to hit out at Boris Johnson’s latest Brexit plans. He accused the UK Prime Minister of pushing for a hard Brexit and threatening the country’s integrity.

Mr Verhofstadt made the comments after sharing the newspaper headline, “Johnson: EU a threat to integrity of the UK”.

He wrote: “The real threats to the integrity of the UK are you Boris Johnson and your Brexit!

“It was your choice to choose the hardest possible exit.

“Why did you not explain the consequences of your plan to the British people?”

But the European nationalist’s comments sparked a backlash among dozens of Twitter users.

Jamie Bryson, a Northern Ireland unionist activist, wrote: “You actually believe you have a right to comment upon our sovereign country.

“Keep your meddling EU nose out of our business.

“We are leaving, as one UK, and if you & other EU leaders don’t like that…. well all the better.”

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Another user said: “I love the smell of panic in the morning. It smells like victory.”

A third wrote: “When you say ‘hardest possible exit’ you mean ‘you didn’t comply exactly as we instructed’.

“The UK will never be a colony of the EU.

“The EU is nothing more than a racketeering outfit /gravy train for failed politicians who want to feel important.”

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One person joked: “Getting worried my precious?”

Another user wrote: “Why do you still keep on trying to bully us.. We will thrive..

“You will be lost once a few more leave the sinking dream.”

His comments come as Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove insisted the Government is acting “within the rule of law” despite the Northern Ireland Secretary admitting the Brexit Bill would breach international law.

He told Sky News: “The legal position was made clear by the Attorney General: We are operating within the rule of law.

“It is the case, however, that we do need to take insurance policies.”

The Government has tabled legislation that will override parts of the Withdrawal Agreement.

If a deal is not reached with the EU, Boris Johnson’s Government plans to change parts of the Brexit divorce deal, particularly concerning Northern Ireland.

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