Moms of Zendaya, Alicia Keys and Jonah Hill Team Up for Voting PSA: ‘Don’t Make Us Nag You’

Mom always knows best, and the mothers of six big stars have some advice for everyone: to go out and vote.

As the last day of the 2020 election approaches, the moms of Alicia Keys, Zendaya, siblings Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein, Adam Levine and Chris Paul have teamed up for a PSA urging Americans to vote.

“Don’t look at me like that. I know I’m not your mother,” jokes Sharon Lyn Chalkin, mom to Beanie Feldstein and Jonah Hill, as she points to a photo of her son. “But I’m his mother. He’s voting.”

Terria Augello, mom to Alicia Keys, emphasizes in the video that celebrity or not, everyone gets a vote.

“Yes, our kids are famous. But your vote counts just the same as theirs,” she says. “So please, make sure you have a plan in place, and vote.”

And Robin Jones, mom to NBA star Chris Paul, adds that there’s no excuse not to vote.

“You don’t have time to vote? I don’t want to hear that. request your mail-in ballot now, and get it done,” she says.

Or, as Zendaya’s mom Claire Stoermer Coleman suggests, people can vote in person.

“Early voting is available in so many states right now, so don’t wait until the last minute,” she says.

And if anyone skips out on voting, Chalkin says she’ll let their mom know.

“Don’t make us nag you. Don’t make me call your mother,” she says. “Do they still have 411 information? Like how do you get numbers now? I’m not sure. But I’ll call her! I can find out!”

Coleman says that any mom, not just the mom of a celebrity, “can make a difference” and urge others to vote. As Augello explains, they’re all encouraging any mom to make their own PSA and tag it with #MomsSayVote to mobilize Americans.

“Voting is your superpower,” says Coleman. “Don’t waste it.”

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