‘MUCH worse than Cummings!’ Sturgeon savaged on reaction to SNP covid breach ‘Didn’t care’

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SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has called on Margaret Ferrier to quit as an MP after she made a “monumental” error of judgment by taking a train from London to Scotland when she knew she had tested positive for coronavirus. However, the First Minister tried to use Dominic Cummings’ breaches to show wrongdoings happen on all sides of politics. However, Head of Comment at Express.co.uk, Paul Baldwin, said the SNP MP’s actions were worse than Dominic Cummings who drove to Durham during the Covid lockdown. Speaking at the Blue Collar Conservatism conference, he said: “I don’t think your political point of view on covid counts for anything.

“She knew what she was doing.

“Nicola Sturgeon went straight in and said, ‘it’s just like Dominic Cummings’ and tried to make some political capital out of it.

“It’s so much worse than Dominic Cummings.

“She knew she was infected, she knew she was a carrier and she got on a train from London to Scotland.

“She just didn’t care. Lindsay Hoyle said it was reckless and I think that’s putting it really lightly.

“It’s almost criminal.”

The Scottish First Minister said she had spoken to Ms Ferrier – who has had the whip withdrawn by the SNP – and made it “crystal clear” she should resign her seat, though the MP did not reveal what she intends to do.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told BBC Scotland it is vital “everyone obeys the rules and the guidance” regarding coronavirus.

He said that in March and April, people in Scotland and across the UK “came together and got the virus down”, but he added: “Alas what happened since then is that everyone got a bit… complacent and a bit blase.

“I think everybody should stick to the rules and that’s what they are there for. We’ve seen they did make a huge difference.”

Speaking at her daily coronavirus briefing on Friday, the First Minister could not hide her displeasure with her former party colleague and said Ms Ferrier should “come to the right decision” and step down as an MP.

Ms Sturgeon said: “This was a monumental, actually almost incomprehensible, error of judgment on Margaret’s part, and I can’t make my feelings on that any clearer than I am doing.


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“There surely can be nobody in this country who doesn’t know that if you have a positive test for Covid you should isolate yourself, and you certainly shouldn’t sit on a train for six hours taking a 450-mile journey.”

Ms Ferrier issued an apology on Thursday evening as she revealed she was tested for coronavirus on Saturday after developing symptoms, but then took a train to Parliament on Monday when she should have been self-isolating.

She spoke in a Commons debate on coronavirus on Monday, and was told at some point that evening she had tested positive.

Instead of self-isolating, she took a train back to Scotland on Tuesday.

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