Oregon governor meets with state troopers caught flouting mask mandate in coffee shop

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown met Friday with three Oregon State Police troopers who were seen on video earlier this week defying a mandated statewide mask order while visiting a Corvallis coffee shop.

The incident occurred the same day the governor's mask order took effect as a response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Brown said on social media that the meeting with the troopers was her idea. In posts to Twitter and Facebook, she is seen having an outdoor chat with the troopers, all of whom are wearing masks.

"In the world of social media, it’s easy to condemn someone when they make a mistake and keep scrolling by," Brown wrote. "But you can judge a person’s character by whether they own up and make things right."

The governor said they talked about the importance of setting a good example and the troopers took responsibility and expressed “real regret" over their actions.


“I’m focused on saving lives, not firing people for making a single mistake,” Brown said.

State police launched an investigation after the coffee shop reported the incident.

The store's assistant manager told OregonLive.com that one of the troopers entered the shop without a mask on Wednesday and said, “Governor Brown has no authority to take our civil liberties. We aren’t going to wear masks."

The assistant manager added that the trooper said, “F— Kate Brown.”

Several governors have issued new statewide mask mandates in recent weeks as the U.S. sees record numbers of coronavirus infections since many areas launched reopening efforts around Memorial Day.

Brown added in her post that everyone is having to make adjustments amid the coronavirus outbreak.

"None of this is fun and some of it is really hard," the Democrat wrote. "But wearing a face covering to protect those around us? That’s easy. The officers and I agreed today that face coverings save lives. So you’ll see them – and me – wearing a face covering each and every day until we beat this virus.”

One of the troopers has been placed on leave and three others face an investigation. None of the troopers has been identified.

Fox News’ Dom Calicchio contributed to this report.

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