Rochester, N.Y. Mayor Says Entire Police Command Staff Resigning

The Mayor of Rochester, New York, Lovely Warren, said Tuesday that the city’s Police Department Command Staff had announced its retirement amid days of protests surrounding the death of a Black man in police custody earlier this year.

Speaking during an city councilbriefing held via Zoom, Warren said the resignations included the police chief and two deputy chiefs. “The Chief was not asked to give his resignation,” she said, adding that others may follow suit.


NEW: Rochester, N.Y., police chief announces his retirement after Daniel Prude’s death sparks days of protests, mayor says in city council meetingRochester police chief resigns after Daniel Prude’s death sparks days of protests

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When asked who would be in charge of the police department this evening in the event of new protests, Warren said she didn’t know and asked for the briefing to be adjourned so that a replacement could be found. As of Sunday, a total of 37 people had been arrested and eight police officers hospitalized amid theunrest.

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