Trump supporters tell Lawrence Jones why they crashed Biden event in Michigan: 'We love the president'

Lawrence Jones talks to voters outside small Biden event in Michigan

‘Hannity’ election correspondent Lawrence Jones reports from Warren, Michigan.

Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones caught up with a group of Michigan residents Wednesday who gathered outside a Joe Biden campaign event to show their "love" for President Trump.

"We love the president. We love what he does for the country," one resident told Jones, the host of "Keeping Up With Jones" on Fox Nation and "Hannity" election correspondent.

Groups of Trump supporters greeted the Democratic nominee with signs and loud chants of "four more years" as he arrived in the Detroit suburb of Warren.

One resident said he wasn't surprised to find so little enthusiasm among "fractured" Biden supporters, telling Jones, "most of them are probably still asleep at home, just like 'Sleepy Joe.'"

Biden's Michigan visit was centered around the auto industry and unemployment caused by the coronavirus pandemic

But Michigan residents expressed little faith in the former vice president's ability to facilitate economic recovery in the state.

"China owns Joe Biden," one woman told Jones.

"Biden doesn't have the support that Trump has," another chimed in.

Jones told host Sean Hannity that the Biden campaign reportedly kept the event location under wraps until close to an hour before it began.

"He's trying to hide from the people because he is not actually representing the people," a Michigan resident argued. "The people have different views than what he is actually pushing."

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