BBC presenter Steph McGovern accused of bias after telling Boris Johnson: 'I'm a girly swot. Let’s see who’s in the job the longest'

BBC presenter Steph McGovern has been accused of bias today after telling Boris Johnson "I'm a girly swot, let's see who's in the job longest".

The 37-year-old fired the shot at the Prime Minister in response to the leaking of an old note where he slammed David Cameron as a "girly swot".

The BBC Breakfast presenter, currently on maternity leave, was hosting the Convention of the North in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

She was criticised for the outburst as the PM left the stage, with people calling it "inappropriate", and pointing out she was skirting the BBC's politically neutral policy.

One person vented on Twitter: "Good to see BBC presenters showing complete impartiality; not very professional."

Another said: "She's not biased by any chance is she?"

And another added: "I don't think that's an appropriate thing for a BBC employee to say."

The crowd is said to have laughed as she made the comment, before she moved on with the agenda – but the outburst didn't go down well with Twitter.


Last week a handwritten jibe by Mr Johnson calling Mr Cameron a "girly swot" was leaked.

Partially-redacted cabinet papers from last month were released by a court showing the former PMs reasoning for suspended parliament.

The note was written by Mr Johnson on August 16 and was in response to the case made by one of his senior aides to send MPs away for five weeks.

Mr Johnson wrote: "The whole September session is a rigmarole introduced by girly swot Cameron and show the public that MPs are earning their crust."

The leak came after the Prime Minister called Jeremy Corbyn a "great big girl's blouse" in Parliament for failing to back an election.

Boris raged: "Let the people decide! Let the people decide on what he is doing to this negotiating position by having a general election on October 15."

And he appeared to mouth: “Call an election – you great big girls’ blouse!”

Earlier today he was heckled over his decision to suspend Parliament as he gave a speech on handing power to northern leaders in Rotherham.

Ouch. BBC Breakfast presenter and conference compere Steph McGovern sticks one on the PM after he leaves the stage: 'I'd just like to point out, I am a girly swot and I’m proud of it. Let’s see who’s in the job the longest'

The Prime Minister said: "I know the transformative potential of local accountable leadership, someone with the power to sort out what matters most to local people."

Interrupting the broadcast being televised live, a man shouted: "Like our MPs, Boris?"

"Yes, indeed," Mr Johnson replied.

The heckler continued: "Maybe get back to Parliament. Yeah? Why are you not with them in Parliament sorting out the mess that you have created? Why don't you sort it out, Boris?"

Mr Johnson said: "I'm very happy to get back to Parliament very soon, but what we want to see in this region is towns and communities able to represent that gentlemen and sort out his needs."

This morning we told how Mr Johnson has reportedly been handed a lifeline by the Democratic Unionist Party in the Irish backstop battle.

Last night it was said the DUP has agreed to a move that could pave the way for a Brexit deal.

It would be a new deal to replace the hard Irish backstop, a sticking point for many in the Brexit negotiations.

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