BBC Weather: Europe bracing for 20cm of SNOW to blanket continent as bitter air strikes

BBC Weather forecaster Chris Fawkes estimated 10cm to 20cm of snowfall in Finland and northwest Russia as central Europe experiences some light rain as cold air hits. While southern Europe is still reaching highs of 30C. He said: “We’ve got some very cold air coming into the very far northeast of Europe bringing with it some snowfall in Finland and that snow pushes into the northwest of Russia.

“A total of 10cm to 20cm accumilating here throuh the course of Friday.

“Elsewhere in Europe we’ve got quite a breezy kind of day for many.

“We’ll see some rain developing pushing across parts of France and Germany and Alpine areas as well.

“A nice area of low pressure will continue to push eastwards with the rain weakening at times but some wet weather moving into Latvia and Lithuania for the start of the weekend.

“For the south of Europe we’re hanging on to some dry weather with some warm sunshine with temperatures up to 30C in places which isn’t bad at all for this stage of October.

“Into Spain and Portugal, there will be some bright weather with some showers moving into the northwest of Spain.”

Europe could experience a relatively mild winter again this year, despite the La Nina phenomenon which can often bring colder conditions to the northern hemisphere, the Weather Company said in its winter outlook on Thursday.

The Weather Company, owned by IBM, provides weather forecasts aimed at the commodities and energy markets.

There has been a distinct lack of cold weather in the last seven years in winter, especially across northern Europe, The Weather Company said.

“The most recent climate model resembles the last seven winters and implies another wet and windy winter across northern Europe, despite La Nina,” the Weather Company’s chief meteorologist Todd Crawford said in a briefing.

“Even with the relatively warm current forecast, we expect it to be nothing like last year’s record warmth across much of the region,” he added.


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The Met Office forecast for Friday reads: “Rain moving eastwards across all parts, heavy in places, followed by sunny spells and blustery showers, the showers heaviest in the northwest with some hail and thunder.”

It’s outlook for Saturday to Monday adds: “A band of heavy rain and strong winds will cross all parts through Saturday. Sunday and Monday will see sunshine and showers, these heaviest in the west. Rather cold.”

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