Bear leaves ‘Kool-Aid Man hole in the wall’ after breaking into a home

OH NO! Bears smashes its way out of a Colorado home leaving a giant hole in the wall just ‘like the Kool Aid Man’

  • Black bear entered the home in Larimer County near to the Rocky Mountains
  • Police believe the bear was looking for food when it broke into the house
  • When the homeowners arrived back they found a huge hole in the wall 
  • There were no injuries reported from the incident but police did share advice
  • They urged residents to keep doors and windows locked in both cars and homes 

A black bear smashed its way out of a Colorado home leaving a giant hole behind in its escape just ‘like the Kool-Aid Man.’

Estes Park police said they received a report that the animal had broken into a home in Larimer County, on Friday, most likely attracted to trash.

In the post sharing the pictures, police wrote: ‘Upon officer’s arrival, said bear forcibly breached a hole in the wall like the Kool-Aid Man and made its escape.’

There were no reports of injuries from the incident, the Denver Post reported. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife advised people to lock all windows and doors to their houses and vehicles after a spate of bear break-ins. 

The hole(above)  left in wood paneling inside a family home has been compared to being similar to damage caused by ‘the Kool-Aid Man.’ The pictures showed that installation and wood had been torn through by the black bear as it hunted for food 

Police compared the hole in the wall to damage caused by ‘the Kool-Aid man’ – a fictional mascot who would break through walls, fridges and other obstacles to deliver the beverage

They reported in the 10 days before August 3 bears had entered over 35 vehicles and nine residences in the Estes Park area.

The department advised: ‘Some of these vehicles were clean of any attractants (not even a crumb), and multiple cars in the same area.

‘This shows that some individual bears are so habituated to receiving food from vehicles that some are going car to car seeing if they are unlocked, even if they don’t see or smell food.’ 

They reiterated that bears are ‘extremely smart’ in their search for food and that people need to be equally aware. 

The picture shared online showed a giant hole in a wooden panel next to frayed installation where the bear had likely fled. 

Police compared the damage as being similar to that of the ‘Kool-Aid Man’ – a popular fictional mascot for the drink.

In some advertisements from the 1990s, the character dressed a large jug filled with the red-colored drink and ice would be summoned by chanting kids. 

The ‘Kool-Aid Man’ would then break through walls, fridges and even a baseball scoreboard to deliver the beverage to them.

There are estimated to be 12,000 black bears (above) in Colorado. The parks and wildlife department reported that there were 35 vehicle and nine homes broken into over the ten days preceding August 3 

Online people shared the images along with memes of the ‘Kool-Aid’ character, clearly tickled by the incident. 

‘Ooooh yeaah Kool-Aid Bear!’ wrote Matthew Sisson, repeating the figure’s catchphrase.

‘Holey Moley!’ added Linda Zimmer. 

Vicki Wright posted: ‘Glad we locked everything, and kept food out of the car!’  

Others seemed a little more concerned and some shared their own experiences.

Diane Niemeyer wrote: ‘Most houses don’t have air conditioning. Makes it hard to shut all windows and doors.’ 

User Nancy Roko claimed that her home in Glen Haven had two bear break-ins, one while she was out of state but the other while she was asleep down the hall.

She said: ‘He tried to *remove* the door and only succeeded in pushing the glass out of the top half of the door.

‘Thankfully he just couldn’t get his hind end through the opening!’

Colorado is believed to have around 12,000 American black bears according a government site for the City of Boulder.

They urged people should remember three things: ‘People create problem bears. Garbage kills bears. A fed bear is a dead bear.’

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