Kelowna Dragon Boat Club prepares for 55+ B.C. Games

Timing, endurance, strength and teamwork are the four keys to success when it comes to dragon boating, and the Kelowna team believes they have what it takes to get a win at the 55+ B.C. Games.

“This team just performs when they have to they know what to do and they do it well,” said Susan Robert, captain.

“In no other sport are 20 people asked to do the same thing at the same time, only in dragon boating. So that is amazing [and] 500-metre races are tough, especially for seniors.”


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The Kelowna Dragon Boat Club will be competing at the 55+ B.C. Games this year, and although it’s not their first time competing, it’s their first time on their home lake.

“We have a lot of passion in our team, we are awesome,” said Dixie Holmes, dragon boat racer.

“We are the senior team in Kelowna; we have always been the only senior team in Kelowna and our average age is 71,”

When the whole team is in the boat together, the teammates say the feeling is like nothing else.

“Paddling with these amazing people, the camaraderie is something you don’t experience in most sports,” said Holmes.

And they have a strategy going into the games.

“Its really important to seat the paddlers according to their size and ability and according to their fit on the boat,” said Robert.

The Kelowna dragon boat club will compete Thursday, Sept. 12 and Friday, Sept. 13 during the 55 + B.C. Games in Kelowna.

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