Madeleine McCann prime suspect Christian B’s lawyer demands cops reveal ‘concrete evidence’ he killed her

THE lawyer for Madeleine McCann suspect Christian B has called on prosecutors to ''show their cards'' to be ''fair'' to them and his client.

Friedrich Fulscher has demanded that German investigators share the "concrete evidence" they have that proves Madeleine is dead – something he claims they have refused to reveal.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Mr Fulscher said: ''It is no secret that the Portuguese have a different theory of what happened to the German BKA (federal police).

"The German prosecution could put an end to this theory when they finally put their cards on the table.

''This would be fair to the suspect and for the parents – both sides could judge for themselves how robust they consider the evidence to be.''

The convicted paedophile and rapist, 43, was identified by German prosecutors as the man responsible for Maddie's 2007 abduction, in June and they dramatically revealed they had ''concrete evidence'' she was dead but have so far refused to disclose any details or charge him.

In June detectives insisted they had "strong evidence" that the little girl was dead after uncovering a trove of pictures and videos allegedly buried by Christian B.

Speaking on news programme RTL, Mr Fulscher, said: ''At the moment I can only evaluate the Portuguese files.

"The German files have so far been withheld from me.

"On this basis, ie the Portuguese files, I have to state that there is a lot to be said for the argument that an accident took place in the apartment and after which Madeleine's body was hidden."

He added: "If you knew the Portuguese investigation file as I do, there was more than one perpetrator in Portugal at that time who had a corresponding [criminal] history.''

Discredited Portugese police chief Goncalo Amaral astonishingly  had parents Kate and Gerry arrested and made official suspects in 2008, after her disappearance from the apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve coast but the theory was thrown out.

Amaral was later dismissed but went on to write a shameless book further suggesting they were responsible and they have now taken him to the European Court over it and Mr Fulscher is known to have met him in Lisbon twice in recent weeks to discuss the case.

Yesterday Mr Fulscher claimed Christian B's mobile phone records "prove his innocence."

He claims he has looked at Christian's mobile records, and worked out potential times and distances to the holiday apartment the McCann family were staying at on the night the toddler disappeared.

The three-year-old was abducted between 9.10pm and 10pm on May 3, 2007.

He told the Mirror: “If the witness statements are correct, there was a time window of one minute and 30 seconds in which the child could have been abducted.

“My client did not commit this crime."


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