RAF scrambled to Stansted as ‘armed police take away men and suspicious objects’

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RAF Typhoon jets were scrambled to Stansted Airport in Essex this evening amid reports of "suspicious objects" on board.

The jets were launched just after 7pm to fly alongside the plane and escort it back to the airport, and it has now landed safely on the tarmac.

Essex Police are thought to be at the scene, and social media reports suggest "two men have been taken away" as "suspicious objects" were spotted, although the force has not confirmed this.

A passenger on the grounded plane, tweeted: "They found suspicious objects in the toilets and called the police. All seems ok now. That was scary."

The same user said: "Our plane is being held with armed police all round."

She added: "All Ok now. Armed police took away two men and suspicious objects!"

Police were reportedly responding to an urgent call-out, known as a Quick Reaction Alert, which scrambled the jets.

The Typhoons led the aircraft back to the airport safely and circled over the airport several times before leaving the scene.

It is believed the jets headed back towards Cheltenham to be refuelled, before appearing to return towards base at RAF Coningsby.

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The aircraft carrying the passengers was then reportedly parked in a "remote area" on arrival at Stansted and several people were told to "put their seat belts back on."

Passenger Joanna Czechowska said: "We have been here for an hour now.

"They told us to put our seat belts back on, we are parked in a remote area."

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