Russian actress deported after pretending to be Ukraine refugee to get to party

A Russian actress who pretended to be a Ukraine war refugee to get to a billionaire's birthday party has been deported after pictures of her at the event were leaked online.

Ieva Andrejevaite, 34, said she was an asylum seeker upon arrival toCape Town International Airport in South Africa on April 28 after being denied entry for not having a visa.

Plotting another way to get to a swanky event hosted in the country, the London-based actress informed officials that she was fleeing Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

After being let in, her scheme was soon exposed after she was photographed mixing with VIP guests at a party hosted by billionaire private investor Rob Hersov.

She had even arrived on the private jet of Soviet-born British-American businessman Len Blavatnik, who is listed by Forbes as the 20th richest person in the world.

South Africa Department of Home Affairs spokesman Siya Qoza said she had been given entry into the country to allow her to file an asylum claim within five days — but did not make any submission within this period.

Commenting on her case, he said: “After that refusal of entry, she then lied to immigration officials, making up a story of wanting to apply for asylum.

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“As a result of our asylum seeker laws, immigration officials’ hands were tied and they were required to let her into the country so that she could apply for asylum within five days. She was duly issued with an asylum seeker visa in terms of the Immigration Act 13 of 2002.”

After becoming an "illegal alien" once the time limit expired, Mr Qoza says she attempted to make an "ill-advised" legal claim, which she allegedly followed with disparaging comments about the nation.

Officials also saw the photos of Ieva after they were posted online, according to a court affidavit.

She then issued a formal apology to South Africans, the Home Affairs Minister and the Department of Home Affairs officials after receiving an order from Western Cape High Court on June 4.

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