‘Steady progress’ as crews prepare to clear Big Bar landslide despite weather: DFO

Crews have made “steady progress” on preparations to clear a passage of the Fraser River damaged by the Big Bar landslide, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans says.

The DFO’s update Friday said the progress was made despite weather challenges including high winds, fog and snow that have restricted helicopters moving crews to the area.

However, officials said crews are hard at work setting up safety measures for workers who will be blasting rocks that are currently blocking a critical salmon migration route.

Along with installing safety mesh on the west bank of the river, crews have also been constructing overland access to the river and drilling on the East Toe to prepare for the blasting work.

Trails for heavy equipment including excavators have also been completed.

The DFO says blasting work will commence “shortly,” and are currently implementing an environmental in-river work mitigation plan to ensure that blasting has the “lowest possible impact to fish and fish habitat.”

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